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4 Mil Flat Poly Bags on a Roll


4 Mil Lay Flat Poly Bags on Roll - .004 Mil Clear Poly Bags on a Roll


Heavy weight 4 mil lay flat poly bags on a roll meet FDA/USDA specifications and are safe for packaging food products. These flat roll bags are perforated below the heat seal so they tear off easily and accurately to keep production rolling. All open top flat poly bags on rolls are made with 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene. Manufactured with tubular construction, a durable bottom seal, and come on a roll for easy dispensing. Clear .004 mil bags on roll help you protect and pack your products more efficiently than with loose packed bags.

4 Mil Clear Flat Poly Bags on a Roll Features:

4 Mil Flat Poly Bags on a Roll
  • “Lay flat” means that the sides of the bag does not expand more than what is natural for plastic.
  • "Open top” means that these plastic bags must be sealed by twist tie, bag tape, or a heat sealer (sold separately).
  • These 4 mil clear poly bags on a roll are transparent and completely non-toxic.
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