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Pallet Covers, Plastic Bin Liners, Box Liners, Gaylord Liners, and Poly Pallet Top Sheeting


These bags can be used interchangeably as pallet covers or box liners (also known as Gaylord liners). When used as pallet covers, they serve to protect the contents from dust, moisture and any debris and, when using UVI bags, can also protect the contents from prolonged sunlight exposure. When used as poly plastic box or bin liners (or Gaylord liners), they can protect a box or bin from damaging contents such as any liquid, paint, corrosive materials, etc. As box or bin liners, they can make it easy to empty or clean out a container without the actual container itself being exposed. Also offered in this category is pallet top sheeting, which serves to protect the top of a pallet from dust, debris and moisture.

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