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Mattress Bags on Roll

Mattress Bags on Roll


Plastic Poly Mattress Storage Bag


Our selection of poly mattress bags offer fantastic clarity while providing superior protection against the elements, dirt, dust moisture and debris and used for moving or storage. Our plastic mattress bags are vented on both sides and provide protection for the mattress and box springs. Perforations between bags makes tear off easy and fast. Our bags are neatly wound on a 3" core with 1" diameter core plug for quick dispensing. Our Mattress Storage Bags come in 40 bags per case to 100 bags per case depending on the mattress bag size. Sizes are the following:

  • Twin Size Mattress Bags (39 x 8 x 90 and 39 x 9 x 90)
  • Full Size Mattress Bags (54 x 8 x 90 and 54 x 9 x 90)
  • Queen Size Mattress Bags (60 x 8 x 90, 60 x 9 x 90, and 60 x 12 x 90)
  • King Size Mattress Bags (78 x 8 x 90, 78x 9 x 90, and 78 x 12 x 90)
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