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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & ReturnsDelivery Times: Orders received from PlasticPolyBags.com will processed with in 24 hours during normal business hours M-F. Backorders typically ship within 3 business days depending on availability. In-transit times depend on the zone the package is being delivered. Average delivery times are 1- 5 days

Shipping Cost: Small orders are shipped prepay and bill. Truck orders can be shipped prepaid and add, collect or billed directly to you. When we prepay and add, any discount we may earn will be shared fifty-fifty with you. When you specify a carrier, we do not prepay and add, but have the trucker bill either you or your customer directly. If you have a better deal with a certain trucker than we do, we encourage you to specify the best routing and billing for you. These freight terms apply only to stock or bulk orders from this website. Freight terms on shipments of non-stock orders must be settled at time of quotation and confirmed upon placement of orders. Inside, lift gate, or residential common carrier deliveries may incur additional delivery costs. PlasticPolyBags.com has implemented a real time rate shipping cost.  Shipping Rates based on weight and distance

Order Tracking: Order Receipt Confirmation by Email- This will be the e-mail you receive concerning your order after it has been placed. When you submit an order, the information that you entered will be sent back to you to confirm that the information is correct. For security reasons, your credit card information is not included in this e-mail.

Order Status- Whenever the status of your order changes, you will be able to check this online by logging into our website under "My Account" and then clicking on the "View" button next to the order you placed. Therefore you will be notified if there is any delay. If we are not able to ship your order, you will be notified of this by e-mail or called. " Order Shipment" The last status change will be that the order has been shipped (delivered). Furthermore we will send you an email with your tracking number. This will allow you to track the progress of your order right to your door.

Restocking Charge: We are happy to accept returns on stock items for reasons of faulty product printer upon receipt. However, there are expenses such as repacking, inventory adjustment and account adjustment. We, therefore, must charge a restocking fee of Twenty percent (20 %). Call us at 1-864-941-3000 or E-Mail us at sales@PlasticPolyBags.com for a return authorization number within 30 days to make a return.

Return Materials: Before returning any items to us, you must first e-mail customer service at sales@PlasticPolyBags.com for a return materials authorization (RMA#) number. Any items returned without an RMA number will be refused.

Fraud Protection Policy:Fraud Protection/Credit Card Security- At PlasticPolyBags.com we have taken steps to deter fraudulent credit card use. As part of our fraud protection program, we ask that customers make sure that their billing name and address match those on the credit card. If you have a shipping address that is different from your billing address, please notify your card issuer and make sure this information is on file. Having an alternate shipping address is becoming common practice, and your card issuer should be happy to help you in this regard. Just let them know that you are placing orders via the Internet and would like this alternate address. This will help speed your order along. If an order is flagged as potential fraud because the order address does not match, the order will be delayed. We will then follow-up on the order by phoning the number listed on the order form and by speaking with the card issuer. We will make every attempt to reach you and clarify the situation; however, if we cannot reach you within 72 hours, the order will be deleted.