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Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Freezing Thanksgiving Leftovers are more important to sixty five percent of those who revel in thanksgiving delirium, than the actual meal itself. Now less than a week away from Turkey Day. There are those who are making their shopping lists and those of us who is making a diagram of who is sleeping where when football comes on. Make sure you have a bulk supply of zipper locking freezer bags. Since you are checking, be sure to look over your supply of aluminum foil, Saran wrap, wax and parchment paper. Your sacred mess hall is about to come under a major assault. Make sure you have your defenses up..

Pack those leftovers one time and one time only, but be sure to do it right. Grab the eager “can I help?” beaver to pack up whatever leftovers you will be blessed to still have. As you consolidate from serving platters, think frozen. Give that busy bee a magic marker and get those Reclosable Food Service and Freezer Bags ready. The bird can go into several gallon size freezer bags. Mashed taters, casseroles, and vegetables into quart size. Make up a few TV style Thanksgiving leftover dinners that have turkey, sweet potatoes soufflé, veggies, etc. to send home with your guests, again, thinking frozen food aisle. Make sure to label and date everything. Seeing as how your guests will be in their drunken tryptophan stooper remind them to get it Into the freezer or fridge when they arrive home.

Here comes the good part. Just as eager as everyone is to dive in and make their day-after sandwich, there will come a point where those same people say “no more turkey!” If your food is in labeled Ziplock bags all you have to do is transfer to the freezer. The first year I did this, I was amazed at how much clean up it saved me, and even more amazed at how fast and easy it was to get those precious leftovers frozen without any delay. Your guests can eat what they want out of theirs, and freeze the rest for a no-cook meal and a happy memory of your Thanksgiving.

Freezing the zipper bags flat will take up less space in your freezer and help prevent the unwanted leftover freezer bag of food avalanche when you open the freezer door. What can be even more exciting for both the eaters and the bill payers in the coming month is the cash you save and the taste tempting meals. Veggies can go into soups or casseroles. Mashed potatoes never tasted so good as when they are spread on top of a Shepherd’s Pie or making potato pancakes on a chilly winter morning. Leftovers are usually even better the second time around. Slap them down next to whatever meat you are preparing and “Voila” you have a meal.

MMMMMMMM Don’t forget the pumpkin, custard, coconut cream, Boston cream and whatever kind of pie is a family tradition. Cut individual slices and freeze on small paper plates. Have a variety on hand for impromptu after dinner coffee guest.

Don’t forget the ever important loaf of bread and mayonnaise to your grocery list. The kind you want for your post ThanksgivingFootball sandwich. With all the activity, it’s easy to forget about this, and you don’t want to be making that all important sandwich on just any bread.

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